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AURA salt cave and wellness is located in East Amherst, NY and we are a Halotherapy and Holistic Wellness Center. We have been open since July 2017 servicing WNY and our surrounding areas. Our services include Halotherapy (Salt Therapy in our Healing Salt Cave® or The Halo Room), Himalayan Salt Hand & Foot Detox, Infrared Saunas, Foot Soaks, Oxygen Bar, Aromatherapy, Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Hypnosis, Mindful Living and other holistic services.

Salt therapy has been successfully used in Europe for the past several decades for treatment in asthma, allergies, sinusitis and COPD as well as many other common respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis and even dermatological conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Please click here to discover more about our services.

Our mission is to offer a natural, holistic and calm environment where treatments are used to create a safe, drug-free alternative to provide relief and improve overall wellness for all ages. We want to show you how to implement the proper type of salt into your life on a regular basis. We want you to become aware of the benefits of Halotherapy and experience first-hand how truly beneficial it is to your breathing and overall health.

Our Staff


Tadgi DeBerg

Tadgi is a Co-Owner / Co-Founder of AURA salt cave and wellness and does a lot of “behind the scenes” stuff. She brings over 25 years of sales experience and customer service and left the corporate world in December 2015 to follow a dream and has never looked back. She is a Certified CBD Coach, Certified Aromatherapist, Reiki Practitioner and has her Plant-Based Nutrition Certification and Juicing with Joe Certification. She is also dabbling in Herbalism and Aromatherapy for Animals. Tadgi enjoys spending time with family and friends and enjoys listening to pop music and experiencing all kinds of different foods. She says, “I am very humbled by all the support and love I feel every time I walk into AURA. It is like nothing I have ever been involved in and I am forever grateful. I love to hear about all the experiences our customers have gone through, or are going through, and I will continue to support our community in any way possible.”


Kelly DeBerg

Kelly is the AURA jokester and keeps everyone smiling! She is one of the most genuine and honest people you will ever come across. She also strives to learn new things and tries to be as knowledgeable as possible about anything we carry at AURA. Research, education and safety are very important to her! Kelly loves spending time with her family and daughter Piper, the golden retriever. She is a saltwater hobbyist and enjoys propagating corals and watching all of the colorful life in her 400 gallon reef tank at home! Kelly says, “I am so fortunate to be able to do what I truly love and that is to interact with people daily and do whatever I can to make their lives a little bit brighter. I am blessed beyond belief to work with the most compassionate, caring and fun girls ever. They make me smile every time I walk through the door and I’m so grateful for each and every one of them!”.


Terry Riter

Terry is our Services Director and our rock. She has been with us from the beginning and is the kindest person you will ever meet. She is a Supervisor and does most of the new employee training. Terry enjoys spending time with her husband Ken, their three daughters Maxine, Simone, and Carly, and their Beagle, Barry! Her favorite vacation spot is a beach. Any beach will do as long as there is good music and good friends nearby. Since working at AURA, Terry has learned that, "There are so many of us silently hurting with invisible conditions, but there are so many different ways to relieve that pain. AURA salt cave and wellness gave me unexpected relief from my pain and is helping so many others with different conditions and symptoms."


Wendy Lane

Wendy is our Wellness Director and is the most down to earth person you will ever meet and is always up for a good belly laugh! She will be doing our Mindful Living and various other holistic services for us and has several years of experience as an LMT/Licensed Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, LMSW/Licensed Master of Social Work, and PMG/Personal Meditation Guide. She is always reading and learning about new ideas and is amazed how many stories she has heard about pink salt helping with inflammation. Wendy enjoys spending time with her husband, Brian, and their two children, Annabel and Colin and they have three cats named Paulo, Mystic and Autumn. Her favorite food is artichokes drenched in butter and enjoys an ice-cold Dr Pepper on occasion while listening to various soundtracks. She says, “I love how much I learn and laugh each and every day!”


Beth Gunderman

Bethy is a Supervisor and is such a caring and nurturing person and we are privileged and thrilled to have her as part of our team. She understands the benefits of salt therapy and how it helps with all kinds of respiratory issues and our overall well-being. Beth enjoys spending time with her husband, Steve, and her two sons, Adam and Cole, and her precious yellow lab named Kacy. She loves Mexican food, listening to country music and her ideal vacation spot is Florida, specifically Key West. She says, "I love our customers and my co-workers. AURA is the most respectful and positive work environment I have ever worked in!"


Pamela Burns

Pam joined us in December 2018, and we are delighted to have her as part of our team. She always knows how to make us smile! She will be doing Hypnosis for us and she has years of experience in MA/Mental Health Counseling, CHt (Certified Hynotherapist), and C-SD (Certified Spiritual Direction). She is always excited to hear about new and diverse methods of natural prevention and healing. Pam and her spouse, Lori, share a blended family of 5 daughters, 3 sons, 4 grand-daughters and 1 grand-son and they have a fur baby, Jasper the cat. She enjoys Indian, Oriental, Mexican and Middle Eastern foods and listens to 80's and 90's rock. She says, "I love the various natural services offered at AURA and the integrity and desire to provide the highest quality of wellness services is the top priority from our entire staff."


Amy Greiner

Amy joined us in March 2019 and has the sweetest personality and we are fortunate to have her as a member of our team. She has been activelyworking as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) for the past 14 years and a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) for 9 years. She finds all aspects of massage and wellness extremely interesting and loves learning new concepts and techniques. Amy enjoys trying new crafts and spending time with her husband, their children, and their dog, Finn, and she enjoys all kinds of music. She says, "Medical massage is my passion but I love all forms of massage. I am looking forward to helping all clients decompress while at AURA and help them escape the hectic world around us."


Beth Adams

Beth is one of the most compassionate people you will ever meet. She has come to realize the true healing powers of Himalayan Pink Salt and Selenite during her time with us. Beth and her husband, Jason, have a 5-year old daughter named Libby. Libby is full of life and loves to visit her Mommy at the Healing Salt Cave®. They have a Pomeranian and two Chihuahuas. Her favorite foods include things like celery juice and wild blueberries. Speaking of, if anyone is familiar with Anthony Williams, the Medical Medium, Beth healed herself from Epstein Barr infection by studying and following his protocol by using food and plants as medicine. She is an inspiration to all of us! She enjoys sewing, learning about herbs and listening to Rockabilly and Rhythm & Blues music. She says, "the energy at AURA is always so positive and uplifting."


Margaret Stoll

Margaret is our “crazy cat lady”! She volunteers her time and energy feeding and rescuing cats and is active in TNVR (Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return) for local rescues. She was a Cosmetologist-Esthetician for over 30 years and has a medical background that spans over 20 years. Margaret is the youngest of 9 children and is very empathetic to people and animals. She enjoys traveling with Mark, her boyfriend of 11 years, and snuggling with her kitties, George, Gus and Greta.She loves spending time with family, especially her two sons Adam & Ryan, and son-in-law Chris. She says, “I love to learn new things, especially all natural-holistic healing techniques as I suffer from chronic pain and inflammation due to a rare bone disease with no treatment or cure."



“Our commitment at AURA salt cave and wellness is to always treat people with dignity, respect and honesty. That includes each other, our peers and employees, our vendors and partners, our customers and our community. We want you to have an experience you'll feel good about!”

— Tadgi and Kelly DeBerg

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