Aquamarine Sphere
Aquamarine Sphere

Aquamarine Sphere - Mini

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We intuitively pick your sphere(s) for you. Price is per sphere.

Helps with: Calming, soothing anxiety, easing phobias, assisting with manifestation, aligning and balancing chakras, and promoting courage, protection, self-expression, and the discovery of spiritual truth

Energy: Amplifies

Colors: blue, green-blue

Chakras: Heart, throat, third eye

Placement: On throat chakra to balance energy flowing from heart to third eye chakra, jewelry (particularly earrings) to help with anxiety and phobias, in your receiving (nondominant) hand while meditating and/or speaking affirmations

Works with: Amethyst, clear quartz, turquoise

Corresponding Astrological Sign: Pisces