Beet Root (Beetroot) Pieces

Beet Root (Beetroot) Pieces - Organic

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Beets are commonly consumed as a vegetable while also providing healthful properties. Our dried organic beet root is delicious in soups, stews, and herbal infusions or simply enjoyed as is. Beets have the highest sugar content of all the vegetables and have been popularized as a sweetening substitute, earning it the name of sugar beet. Beet juice and beet powder are used to flavor carrot, celery, and other vegetable juices.

Dried beet root can be stored and reconstituted for use in a multitude of cooking and baking recipes. Rich, earthy, and sweet, beet roots lend their flavor well to both savory and dessert dishes. Additionally, beets can be blended into smoothies or infused in herbal teas. One of our favorite ways of enjoying dried beet root is to simply snack on them.

Botanical Name: Beta vulgaris
Origin: Egypt

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