Classes / Events


Classes/Events have been put on hold due to COVID-19. Please check back for updates.

Pricing is $40* per person/per class.

  • *If you are a monthly pass holder for the salt cave / halo room, classes are only $10!
  • This includes a Halotherapy session in our Healing Salt Cave® or Halo Room during the class/event.
  • All classes are an hour long unless otherwise stated.
  • ​Please arrive 15 minutes prior to start time.
  • We are a fragrance-free facility so please refrain from wearing any type of perfume, cologne or scented lotions.


Body Awareness Style of Yoga:
​This class combines slow, healing movements, breathing, and relaxation. Muscles are reprogrammed using brain to muscle re-education to dissolve chronic pain, improve range of motion, and regain strength and control. This class will be geared for beginners but ALL are welcome! Please join us for some salty yoga!

The experience will end with a short meditation. Dress comfortably in loose layers and hydrate before arriving.


Each human breathes close to 21,600 times per day. Right at the center of human existence lies breathing. Prana is the life force we receive with each breath. The key to understanding prana and energy is breath. We wouldn't exist if we didn't breathe. When the mind is relaxed and calm our breath is deep and our cells are nourished. We sustain a healthy state of wellbeing. ​In this hour experience we will bring consciousness into our breathing.

We will explore 6 different styles of breathing:
​ • Abdominal Breathing - Preparation for Diaphragmatic Breath
​ • Diaphragmatic Breath - Exercise for the Diaphragm Muscle
• Dirgha Pranayama - The Complete Breath
​ • Kapalabhati Pranayama - Skull Polishing Breath
• Ujjayi Pranayama Breath - The Ocean Sounding Breath
• Nadi Shodhana - Alternate Nostril Breathing

​The experience will end with a short meditation. Dress comfortably and hydrate before arriving. Blankets are provided for warmth.


​From humming to drumming to Tibetan singing bowls...recent research suggests that the influences of certain rhythms, sounds and vibrations can help us resist and recover from a wide variety of ailments.

​In this hour experience we will practice AUM (the sound of creation) and explore utilizing this sound and 4 other sounds to resonate and cleanse the energy centers of our body (CHAKRAS).

The experience will end with a short meditation. Dress comfortably and hydrate before arriving.

Please call us at 716.276.9120 to book.