Chakra Pendulum

Chakra Pendulum

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Pendulums are quite simply tools that help us detect our energetic field and they are tuned to subtle vibration.  A chakra pendulum can help us clear, balance and heal our bodies.

A pendulum is a weight hanging from a fixed point. When pulled and released, the forces of gravity and inertia create movement.  However, when no force is inflicted on the weight, something begins to happen naturally; energy moves the weight with a little help from the unconscious mind.  Pendulums feel magical, for even when held completely still, they begin to move in detection of the invisible energy around us.

The chakra system is the field of gentle subtle energy that animates our physical bodies.  When these are out of alignment, we can be pulled in several directions and feel off center from our most natural state of well being.

When placed over the 7 chakra centers the pendulum will move, showing us both the direction and size of the energy the chakra is emitting.  The energy level will reveal balance, imbalance, or energy blocks.