Fluorite Mushroom
Fluorite Mushroom
Fluorite Mushroom

Fluorite Mushroom

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We intuitively pick your stone(s) for you. Price is per stone.

Helps with: Balancing and stabilizing energies, body-mind-spirit connection, facilitating intuition and communication with higher planes, calming, enhancing creativity, harmonizing, connection to the Divine

Energy: Absorbs

Colors: Aqua, blue, clear, green, pink, purple, rainbow, yellow

Chakras: Heart, throat, third eye, crown

Placement: Anywhere along the four upper chakras, as a necklace

Works with: Clear quartz, amethyst, sodalite

Corresponding Astrological Sign:  Pisces & Capricorn

Store away from other crystals as it scratches easily. Hold while meditating to focus on balancing energies.