Kyanite Blade (Blue)

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We intuitively pick your blade(s) for you. Price is per blade.

Helps with: Creating pathways from one thing to another, clearing blockages, getting you out of a rut, facilitating communication (particularly blue), loyalty and fairness, memory recall, grounding (black)

Colors: Black, blue (most common), gray, green, orange, yellow, white

Chakras: Black or gray – root; orange – sacral; yellow – solar plexus; green – heart; blue – throat or third eye; white - crown

Placement: On any of the corresponding chakras

Works with: All colors of kyanite, between two crystals to help facilitate movement of one energy to the other

Corresponding Astrological Sign: Libra

It is a brittle stone, often blade shaped, which makes it a good worry stone for rubbing your thumb across. Does not need cleansing because it does not hold energy.