AURA salt cave and wellness would like to introduce our Win-Win Program!

This program is a way for you and your company to say thank you to someone special such as a customer/client, employee, co-worker, business partner(s), etc. Our Win-Win Program could even be included as part of a corporate wellness program. What better way to say thank you than to offer someone 45-minutes of relaxation in our Healing Salt Cave®! We provide the perfect opportunity to put away those cell phones and disconnect from the hectic lives we all lead. Differentiate yourself by showing people you truly care by offering something that is 100% natural and an experience they’ll feel good about!

AURA salt cave and wellness provides the co-branded plastic gift cards and gift card sleeves as part of the Win-Win Program.

There is literally nothing for you to do but sign up and start showing people you care by offering them a free 45-minute salt cave session. No tax and no other costs involved.

AURA salt cave and wellness is Healing WNY one breath at a time and we welcome you to join us in offering this unique gift that will not go un-noticed. Ready to consider it? Simply give us a call and mention you are interested in our Win-Win Program and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Come relax and rejuvenate with us!

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