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LMNT: How electrolytes might affect your body.

LMNT - Everything you need. Nothing you don't. Paleo-Keto friendly.

The AURA team absolutely loves LMNT products because they are the most natural electrolyte we can find, and they taste great! LMNT is an electrolyte drink mix that is formulated to help anyone with their electrolyte needs. AURA salt cave and wellness now offers LMNT by the stick or box (30 sticks).

Every stick of LMNT contains 1000mg sodium, 200mg potassium, 60mg magnesium and ZERO sugar! According to LMNT, they include these important minerals in their formulations because: 

  • Sodium maintains fluid balance (blood flow) and helps nerve impulses fire.
  • Potassium works together with sodium to regulate blood pressure and fluid balance.
  • Magnesium is a crucial mineral and supports muscle function, mood, and bone health. 

Isn’t salt bad for your heart?” According to LMNT, the truth is, that’s not nearly as cut and dry as it’s been made out to be. Sodium is an essential mineral—the stuff of life—and we’ve never been shy to address the misinformation around it.

Struggling to catch your Zs? LMNT says salty science suggests magnesium might help.⁠ Glutamate is a chemical in the brain that, in excess, over-stimulates the nervous system. This can lead to anxiety and restlessness. Magnesium blocks glutamate receptors in the brain, helping to calm this over-stimulation. Talk about the power of electrolytes! This isn’t to say electrolytes can cure anxiety and insomnia or depression, but they may help fix deficiencies that contribute to them!⁠

LMNT is a great addition to your water during a sauna session by helping you stay hydrated while you sweat out some toxins. When you sweat, you lose mostly water, but you also lose salt and other electrolytes. ⁠Sports drinks are often loaded with sugar. LMNT was created so that you can replace exactly what was lost.

For those of you interested in keto, when you first "go keto," you eliminate most carbs—a move that keeps blood sugar and insulin levels low. We like this because low insulin as a result of low reduced carb intake permits your body to more readily access stored body fat. But the thing is, it also decreases sodium retention.⁠ Combine that with the absence of salty snacks (goodbye chips and crackers), and you're likely to experience low sodium symptoms. Hello headaches, muscle cramps, and brain fog. The fix? Get salty again. Salt your meat, eggs, vegetables, and your water. That's where LMNT comes to the rescue!

Oh, and who says you can’t enjoy LMNT in hot drinks? No one ever! Here is a recipe created by @drinklmnt to help keep you warm during the upcoming season.

LMNT Chocolate Raspberry Hot Chocolate

Raspberry Hot Chocolate 

2/3 stick of LMNT Chocolate Salt
1/3 stick of LMNT Raspberry Salt
14-16 oz hot water or milk of choice

Raspberry Salt is an LMNT OG. Chocolate Salt brings out its cozier side. This duo pairs well with chilly mornings before training, snowy sledding adventures, and cozy evenings by the fire. Just pour all ingredients into your coziest mug and garnish with raspberries and/or dark chocolate shavings to warm up your winter. Enjoy!!


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