Blueberry Bonanza Herb & Fruit

Blueberry Bonanza Herb & Fruit Blend #611

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This particular tea was specially formulated to acknowledge the great taste and known health benefits of blueberries (rich source of antioxidants). In addition to the antioxidants in the blueberries, hibiscus brings the added benefits of Vitamin A and C to the blend. It is excellent hot as a hot drink and simply dynamite as a cold drink. You will want to add a pinch of natural cane sugar as this accentuates the natural flavorings and brings out the subtle tastes of the dried berries.

Ingredients: Hibiscus petals, apple pieces, elderberry pieces, currant pieces, European blueberries (a.k.a. bilberries), cornflower petals, American blueberries, natural flavors (organic compliant).

Origin: Egypt / Turkey / Greece / Albania
Grade: #1 herb and fruit pieces

Caffeine Free
Serving Size: 1 tsp / 6-8 oz
Steep Temp: 203-212 F
Steep Time: 5-10 minutes