Carnelian Towers - Various

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Carnelian is a form of chalcedony (in quartz family). It owes its red to reddish brown color to colloidally dispersed hematite (iron oxide). It is a close relative of sard, differing only in the shade of red.

Helps with: Courage, security and safety, willpower, determination, returning passion to relationships, developing a healthy sense of self, focusing on the present moment, overcoming abuse, protection against envy, boosting energy

Chakras: Red/orange – root; brown/orange - sacral

Placement: on or near your belly button, as a bracelet, near the root chakra, carry in pocket

Corresponding Astrological Sign: Virgo 

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#1 is 4.97" high and  9.42oz
#2 is 5.10" high and 12.06 oz
#3 is 4.93" high and 10.30 oz
#4 is 6.15" high and 10.26 oz

Number: #2

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