Cha Cult Permanent Tea Filter with Lid/Drip Bowl

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What is a tea infuser? It allows you to steep loose tea leaves instead of using a tea bag. It holds your tea leaves together and keeps them from floating around in your beverage. Tea infusers come in different styles and sizes and are a fun, but simple tool to steep the perfect cup of tea. Made of stainless steel.

How to use: measure the proper amount of tea leaves into your infuser. Place the infuser into a cup (or pot) and pour your water over top. Once water is poured, time your steeping according to the tea you are using. Remove the infuser after the tea has finished steeping and enjoy! Many varieties of loose teas are great for multiple infusions, so you may enjoy more than once, if desired. 

Made of stainless Steel.
Approximately 2.2"

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