Cold & Flu Fighter Herb & Fruit Blend #635

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Tulsi is prized for its ability to restore and fortify the body. According to natural health and Ayurvedic practitioners, tisanes made from the leaves of the plant are said to boost immunity, acting as an antibacterial element that can protect the body from cold and flu, easing fevers and headaches and relieving sore throats and coughs. The effects of this holy plant are believed to be particularly effective when mixed into a traditional concoction known as kadha, a spicy mix of tulsi leaves, peppercorns and ginger, boiled in water. (You'll note that these are the base ingredients of our Cold & Flu Fighter blend.)

Ingredients: Ginger, tulsi (holy basil), cinnamon, anise, orange pieces, apple pieces, star anise, pink peppercorns, safflower petals, natural flavors (organic compliant).

Origin: Thailand / India / Egypt / Turkey / China
Grade: 1st Grade Melange

Caffeine Free
Serving Size: 1 tsp / 6-8 oz
Steep Temp: 203-212 F
Steep Time: 3-5 minutes

Size: Sample

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Size: Sample