Cool Cucumber Melon Green Tea

Cool Cucumber Melon Green Tea Blend #209

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This blend of green tea, cucumber slices and melon flavoring offers three supportive sides: 1: Multiple health benefits. 2: High thirst-quenching ability. 3: Exceptional flavor.

Let's explore them:
1. Health benefits: Known to contain elements such as lariciresinol, pinoresinol, and secoisolariciresinol, cucumbers are reputed to help reduce cardiovascular disease in addition to several cancer types including breast, uterine, ovarian and prostate. Research has also shown that cucumbers offer anti-inflammatory properties, which may make it helpful in fighting arthritis.

2. Thirst-quenching ability: Unlike other beverages like soft drinks and coffee, green tea is known to quench the thirst, similar to water. Add in the light vegetal notes of cucumber, and you're primed for hydration.

3. Exceptional Flavor: Speaking of the vegetal notes of cucumber, we've also added in some natural watermelon flavor.

Ingredients: Green tea, cucumber slices, natural flavors.

Origin: India / China - Sencha Blend
Grade: Sencha Blend

Contains Caffeine
Serving Size: 1 level tsp / 6-8 oz
Steep Temp: 176-194 F
Steep Time: 1-3 minutes