Green Aventurine Spheres - Mini

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We intuitively pick your sphere(s) for you. Price is per sphere.

Helps with: blue – enhancing communication, aiding in manifestation, improving self-discipline; green – enhancing leadership abilities, promoting prosperity, promoting unconditional love, releases anxiety; red/orange – promoting a sense of safety and security; white – enhancing communication with higher self, balancing chakras; yellow – promoting self - esteem

Energy: Amplifies

Colors: blue, blue-green, green (most common), red, orange, yellow, white

Chakras: red – root, orange – sacral, green – heart, yellow – solar plexus, blue – third eye and throat, white - crown

Placement: On the corresponding chakra, jewelry, in your pocket

Works with: Tourmaline, turquoise

Corresponding Astrological Sign: Cancer

Pickup available at 6429 Transit Road

Usually ready in 24 hours