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Grey Agate Mushrooms

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We intuitively pick your piece(s) for you. Price is per piece.

Each piece is unique and the size is about .75". 

Agates help with: Emotional balance, calmness, focus and concentration; blue – communication and honesty; moss – unconditional love, prosperity; orange/brown – self-control; pink – compassion; other colors – issues associated with the chakras of the same color

Energy: Amplifies

Colors: black, blue, brown, gray, green, multicolored, orange, purple, red, white, yellow

Chakras: All depending on color

Placement: On any chakra, in a pocket, as any type of jewelry

Works with: Other agates

Corresponding Astrological Sign: Gemini

Pickup available at 6429 Transit Road

Usually ready in 24 hours