Koala's Blend Herb & Fruit Blend - Organic

Koala's Blend Herb & Fruit Blend - Organic #609

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An excerpt from a koala’s secret recipe book! For breakfast, make a blend of fine herbs and add a well-considered portion of eucalyptus leaves taken directly from a koala bear’s front garden. Decorated with large, toasted coconut chips, there is no need for extra flavors to be added. The classic eucalyptus note works wonders in this fresh herbal blend.

Ingredients: Lemongrass, eucalyptus leaves, apple pieces, orange peel, roasted coconut flakes.

CONTAINS: Coconut.

Origin: Germany

Caffeine Free
Serving Size: 1 tsp / 6-8 oz
Steep Temp: 203-212 F
Steep Time: 5-10 minutes