Labradorite Cabochon
Labradorite Cabochon

Labradorite Cabochon (Cabs)

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These would make beautiful jewelry pieces!

Helps with: Bringing out magical qualities, reducing negativity, tempering negative aspects of the personality, detoxification of addictive substances, tempering impulsivity and recklessness, connection to higher realms, aiding in intuition, dispelling illusion

Chakras: Throat, third eye, crown

Placement: On the appropriate chakra, as a necklace, near where you meditate

Corresponding Astrological Sign: Leo, Libra, Cancer

Use it (hold it or have it next to you) during meditation or prayer to aid in communication with higher realms.

We intuitively pick each piece just for you.
Each piece weighs approximately .15 oz and is about 1" long.