Moss Agate Eggs
Moss Agate Eggs
Moss Agate Eggs
Moss Agate Eggs

Moss Agate Eggs - Various

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Moss Agate is clear to milky white, with dendritic inclusions of manganese or iron that has grown into patterns similar to moss or lichen. Spots of red may occur in some specimens, and occasionally the crystal is dark green with bluish inclusions.

Helps with: Emotional balance, calmness, focus and concentration, unconditional love, prosperity

Chakras: Heart

Placement: On heart chakra, in a pocket, as any type of jewelry

Corresponding Astrological Sign: Gemini  

What you see is what you get so please be sure and select the number you want in the drop-down! These are all very similar in size.

#1 is 2.32" high, 1.73" wide and 5.54 oz
#2 is 2.22" high, 1.75" wide and 5.33 oz
#3 is 2.25" high, 1.81" wide and 5.82 oz
#4 is 2.28" high, 1.76" wide and 5.57 oz