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Palo Santo Sticks

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Do you know what Palo Santo means? It means "Holy Wood" and is used in cleansing and purifying rituals in much the same way as a White Sage Smudge. Palo Santo has many healing qualities and is said to help calm anxiety, increase creativity, and aid in energetic purification.

How to Use: Use a match or a lighter to ignite your Palo Santo. Hold your Palo Santo at a 45 degree angle with the point of the stick touching the flame. Let the wood stay lit for 30 seconds, and then blow the flame out. Allow the smoke to fill the space that you need to cleanse. When you are finished, lay the wood with the ignited tip downward in a bowl and it will put itself out. To keep it burning, blow on the embers. Always be cautious when Palo Santo is lit.

Sustainably harvested; approximately 4 inches long.

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