Polychrome Jasper Hearts - Various

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Jasper is a manifestation stone that absorbs excess energies to help with energetic balance.

Helps with: Manifestation, balancing energies of excess (e.g., addiction, obsessive-compulsive behavior), grounding, stability, enhances vibrancy and passion

Chakras: red or black – root, orange – sacral, yellow or brown – solar plexus, green – heart, blue – throat or third eye

Placement: On any of the corresponding chakras, as jewelry, in a pocket

Corresponding Astrological Sign: Aries

What you see is what you get so be sure and select the number you want from the drop-down before adding to your cart! The acrylic display stand is NOT included. If you would like to purchase one, please search for "display stand".

#1 is 3.54" wide, 2.85" high, 1.42" thick and weighs 11.11 oz.
#2 is 3.20" wide, 2.38" high, 1.92" thick and weighs 11.46 oz.
#3 is 3.24" wide, 2.90" high, 1.44" thick and weighs 10.55 oz.
#4 is 3.08" wide, 2.70" high, 1.83" thick and weighs 11.60 oz.

Number: #1

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Number: #1