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Pyrite Pyramids

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Pyrite is a great stone to carry or wear while exercising and it will help you stay focused for the duration of your workout. Also, carrying it around on a daily basis or meditating with a piece of Pyrite can have a dramatic effect on your life. Meditating with Pyrite helps activate its powers which then transfer directly to you. 

At its heart, Pyrite is all about protection. It wants to shield and protect in every way possible. It helps keep you safe from emotional vampires and protects from psychic attacks. It will protect you by cutting through negative vibes and clearing EMF smog and it is eager to keep you pure.

Chakra: Solar plexus

Corresponding Astrological Sign: Leo

We intuitively pick each piece just for you.
Each pyramid is approximately 2" at the base, 1.8-2.1" high and weighs 6.75-8 oz.

Pickup available at 6429 Transit Road

Usually ready in 24 hours