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Shungite Tumbles

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Touted the Miracle Stone of the 21st Century, it has been around for approximately 2 billion years. It is only found in Karelia, Russia.  Many use it to cleanse drinking water (think of charcoal filters).

If you are drawn toward shungite, that’s a sign you need to clear up your energy field.  There is likely a layer of electronic smog on your aura. 

Prior to working with shungite, it’s very important that you rinse it under water and place it outside in the sun for 2-4 hours.  This will clear and recharge its energy.

Helps with: EMF protection (cell phones, computers, TV, etc.), purification, detoxification of the mind-body-spirit, provides a general sense of well-being, grounding

Chakras: Root

We intuitively pick each piece just for you.
Each piece weighs approximately 1.35-1.75 oz.
Each tumble varies in shape but they are all about the same size. 

Pickup available at 6429 Transit Road

Usually ready in 24 hours