Himalayan Pink Salt Sole Chunks in Jar with Spoon

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Sole (pronounced Solay) is a saltwater solution that you drink every day to replenish your body with the 84 natural minerals your body is made up of and craves! The key is the quality of the salt. Standard table salt can be considered toxic because when it is processed, it is stripped of its nutrients and minerals. We are providing salt chunks that are the purest on earth and formed when the primal sea evaporated over 250M years ago before the oceans became polluted. 

Comes with jar, spoon, lid and 6 oz of salt chunks. Bag of replacement salt chunks sold separately.

How to make: Start by hand washing your jar and spoon. Take a chunk or two of the Sole salt and add to your jar. Fill the jar with purified water (Fiji bottled live water is best).  Give a little shake and let it sit overnight. That’s it….you are ready to enjoy!   

Store sealed at room temperature.  he solution will not go bad since salt is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. You will notice the chunks remain in the jar and this means that the water is fully saturated. As you use up the solution, just top off the jar with more water.  Eventually you will run low on salt in the jar as well so just add more as needed.

How to use: 

  • Start every morning with a glass of water. Add Sole to your glass and drink up!
  • Each spoonful is a ¼ teaspoon. We recommend a weeks’ time in between each ¼ teaspoon increase to your water. Work your way up gradually to a full teaspoon per day.   
  • Please do not use metal utensils/objects with sole.

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