Sun Shell Fossil

Sun Shell Fossil Heart

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We intuitively pick your heart(s) for you. Price is per heart.

Each piece is unique and the size is about 1' - 1.25".

This beautiful fossil reminds us that we are always growing and being given opportunities to become an even better version of ourselves. It teaches us an amazing kind of balance showing us how to protect the soft parts of ourselves while simultaneously showing us how to remain open to the full experience of living. 

It helps us to feel relaxed and at ease no matter where we are, and it connects us with the sea of our own emotions.

It stimulates our intuition, imagination, and adaptability and helps us to clearly understand and categorize our mental processes to make swift and good decisions. It helps us to stay organized and focused on whatever is most important and to continually seek more efficient ways of being.

It is attuned to the root chakra and the astrological signs of Virgo and Pisces.